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Federated Republican Women's Clubs are a Powerful Force for Change in New Mexico and the U.S.

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What We Do

According to the National Federation of Republican Women, the Santa Fe Federate Republican Women is a Diamond level club. That means we check the majority of boxes on the NFRW Achievement matrix.  In plain words, that means we've got a lot going on that you can get involved with.  

Diamond Achievement Award


Our luncheons are a great place to meet like-minded women (and men Associate members.) They are also highly informative. You will meet State and local candidates. You can participate in debates with candidates for governor, senator, or Congress. In off years, you will get to know interesting thinkers on topics that matter to our community.  Luncheons are usually the second Tuesday of the month, September to May, at 11:30 at the Santa Fe Country Club. See calendar and directions below.

In the Running

You might get to like some of these candidates so well that you'd be willing to make calls for them or knock on doors. Some of you might like to get trained as poll watchers or poll challengers.  Some of you may be so inspired that you may run for office yourself. In 2022, one of our members ran for Congress.  In 2023, another member ran for school board. The NFRW offers candidate training.

A Big Enent

Every year, we hold either a gala or what we call a picnic, which is a more casual event. The purpose of these events is to raise money for candidates we support. Our club even has its own PAC. These are exciting, fun events in which we reach out to the whole Republican community in Santa Fe and beyond. 

Caring for America

As an FRW member, you can also get involved with our local community. Every year, we do something a little different. In 2023, we got involved with referendum project at Better Together New Mexico as well as the Desert Rose Women's Center.  In 2024, we spear headed the Family Month Project, a call for a National Family Month, and achieved national recognition. 

Spreading the Word

Every quarter, we send out a highly informative newsletter which includes links to important articles, state and nationwide, upcoming events for the club, and the county, membership events, a new member spotlight and so much more. Don't miss it - it is definitely worth the read!


Every year, we hold the Judith Nowers scholarship for high school seniors. This is basically an essay contest, in which students headed for college write a response to a question, often about the constitution, or how legislation can affect our lives. Currently, the award is $2000 for the lucky winner. The scholarship committee writes a question and grades the essay.  In 2024, Francesco Aimale, a senior at St. Michael's, was our winner. Read his acceptance speech here. 

Join Us Every Second Tuesday

September through May at the Santa Fe Country Club for comaraderie and an amazing speaker luncheon.  See other events below.  See map for Country Club below. 

Mark Your Calendars

Stay Tuned for the next Zip Code social!

September 28, 2024 - Babylon Bee comes to Santa Fe!  Kyle Mann, editor in chief  of the Babylon Bee will speak at the La Fonda on "Comedy, Free Speech and Censorship."  General Admission and VIP tickets available here. 

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