Happy New Year 2020!

We are so lucky to have been born in the USA where open and free elections are a hallmark of our democracy.


Over the next few months we will bring you every statewide candidate as well as state house and senate candidates within Santa Fe County.  We want you to hear directly from the candidates and just as importantly, ask your questions.


First up we’ll hear from the highly contested open seat for US Congressional District #3, northern New Mexico.  There are at least 8 Republican candidates and we’ll have at least 3 at our meeting Monday, January 13th.   They include:


Karen Bedonie


Alexis Johnson



Anise Golden Morper



We apologize for the late change in the program,
but scheduling caused us to postpone the session on capitalism vs. socialism.

 See you there!

Date:   Monday, Jan. 13th

Social Meet & Greet:  11:30 am

Lunch and Meeting:    12:00-1:00

Place:  La Posada Inn (in the back east side Conference area. Allow extra time to park.)

Cost:  Members - $25, Non-members - $28


By Wednesday, Jan. 8th  (PLEASE RSVP ON TIME!)   

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