November 6, 2018

For all Republican candidates for NM Legislature,  

NM appellate judges, and US Senate and House candidates.

Steve Pearce,
Candidate for Governor
Wayne Johnson
Re-elect as
State Auditor
Michelle Garcia Holmes,
Candidate for
Lt. Governor
Michael Hendricks,
Candidate for
Attorney General
Gavin Clarkson 
Secretary of State
Patrick H. Lyons,
Candidate for
Public Land Commissioner
Arthur Castillo
Treasury Secretary

Mick Rich

 Candidate for

US Senate

Steve McFall

Candidate for
Congress CD 3

Dr. Lisa Shin

Candidate for House District 43

Judges up for Retention

Judge Stephen French 

  NM Court of Appeals   

Judge Henry M. Bohnhoff

  NM Court of Appeals   

Judge Daniel J. Gallegos

  NM Court of Appeals   

Judge Emil J. Kiehne

  NM Court of Appeals   

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