SFFRW Committee Appointments

Achievement Awards

 Monitors club activities and submits Achievement Award forms to the New Mexico FRW. (President)



Offers an annual presentation on patriotism, history, the flag or other relevant topics. (1st Vice President)



Offers the invocation at monthly luncheons. (Sherry Morrison)


Caring for America, Caring for Santa Fe

Organizes activities to benefit the community. (Empty Stocking Fund, Bienvenidos, Food Bank, etc.) (1st Vice President)


Takes photos of SFFRW events and maintains them as history in an organized fashion.  (Vacant)


Ladies of Liberty Gala

Has an executive committee to be determined by the chairman plus committee members to organize the Gala.


Legislative Committee

Keeps members informed of legislative issues.  (Sharon Mottola)



Creates programs to promote literacy in the community. (Faye Miller)

Membership Committee

Recruits new members and prepares name tags. (2nd Vice President)

Membership Directory

Edits and updates membership directory for distribution to members. (Treasurer).


New Americans

Organizes events for newly sworn in citizens.  (Sherry Morrison)



Produces quarterly newsletter with input from the President and other officers. (Vacant).



Ensures that proper procedures are followed at Club activities. (Peggy Mallow)



Organizes a picnic in the years when there is no Gala (3rd Vice President)



Works with NMFRW on awarding scholarships (Anne Doherty)


Senior Americans

Informs members on issues important to seniors.


Voting & Elections

Organizes SFFRW volunteers to help in elections, registering voters, etc.

Social Media and Publicity

Keeps our group page running with content and announcements (Vacant)



Maintains and updates the SFFRW website. (Luaan Gutierrez)