Dear Friends,


Don’t you feel it?  The wave is coming.  Youngkin won the Virginia governorship by standing with parents.  He also had 53% of the Hispanic vote.  Closer to home we gained a Republican seat on the Albuquerque City Council and two seats on the Albuquerque Public School Board.   We also gained a seat on the Santa Fe City Council.  Now we must keep that wave rolling across Santa Fe by winning hearts and minds of swing voters and pushing Republican voters to the polls.

To that end your board of directors has been developing its plan of action for 2022.  It’s a big election year and we’ll go big if we have your help.  Our goals for 2022 are of course the governorship, all the state executive offices, Congressional District 3, Judges, and house seats in our legislature.   To do that, we will put most of our energy into Campaign Activities, followed by Membership, and Building our Club. 


Campaign Activities Chairman for this year is Anita Statman.  Campaign activities is a huge part of what we do.  This year, with your help, we will have a tremendous Fancy Picnic in place of our Gala.  We are toning it down a little because Joe Biden’s economy has now reached 7.5% inflation!  We know people are hurting.  So no new dress is needed!  Come in your best boots, jeans, and jewelry.  Save the date for July 23, 2022.   Contact Anne Doherty if you have items to donate to our silent auction.


We hope to raise about $10,000 from our fundraiser.  Some of that money will go to candidates as always, but we’re also going to use some of the money this year to support the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort.  This effort helps raise the boats of all Republican candidates.  Contact Anita Statman if you’re able to help with the GOTV effort.


We’re also going to go places voter registration agents have never gone.  Demi Poskanka is leading this effort.  Right now she needs a few good women to take the 30 minute voter registration training by the county.  Then you’ll spend the summer registering voters at the Pantry, the Farmers Market, Chimayo, Madrid, and Glorieta.  Reach out to her at to join the fun.


Instead of focusing on poll watchers and challengers this year we’re going to lobby the county clerk to have more Republicans working the polls so we’ll be 'inside the tent’ if you will.  The benefits to working for the county during early voting and on election day is that you get paid, you get trained, and your presence is known among the Democrats working at each location.  Debra Archuleta, a paid county worker and a new member of SFFRW, has agreed to lead this effort.  Our goal is have at least one Republican woman at each voting precinct.  Contact Debra Archuleta if you can help at


All of these efforts require your help.   Peggy Mallow, our 2nd Vice President for Membership is developing our program to turn members into activists.   Have you already talked to her?   If not, reach out to her at



Anita Statman